Interdisciplinary Work

MorrisonDance thrives on interdisciplinary collaborations and gains inspiration from other innovative fields, such as science, technology, music, visual art, and literary arts. We have been acknowledged for our unique ability to marry together cross-disciplinary concepts. On September 4, 1997 we changed history in partnership with Cleveland Public Theatre, ATV Varserv, and Adcom Communications, when we presented the world’s first live internet broadcast of a modern dance performance. The live performance was presented to critical acclaim, and onscreen performance was tiny with dancers flipping on and off at 38.8 kb/sec! The internet has come a long way since then, but we like to keep trying new and different things! From exploring how gravity influences dance styles, to kinetic representations of gallery exhibits, we are much like our astronaut collaborators from NASA, we never shy away from going where no dancer has gone before!

Our interdisciplinary work has allowed us to develop and “play” with some extraordinary area collaborators including NASA Glenn, BrainMaster, MOCA Cleveland, the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, and Ingenuity Cleveland.

In all my days in Cleveland and all the artistic venues I attend, I have never seen or experienced anything so remarkable as your performance at this year’s Ingenuity Festival!!! I was simply stunned by the creativeness of the overall concept, from the music to the lighting to the graphics and of course the concept and execution. Thomas Mulready and several of our friends just stood mesmerized throughout the 4 acts and just wished that there were more. Bravo Sarah…BRAVO!

Paul Cusato (unsolicited audience feedback on Wordpress)

Founder and Director, Sarah Morrison has been awarded the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for her interdisciplinary work, and the OhioDance award for “Advancing the Artform of Dance.” View the OhioDance video of Morrison’s creative process