Walking On Other Worlds

Premiering Thursday, July 19th, 2007 at 7:15pm
PALACE THEATRE, Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH

catch the 40 minute premiere following Ingenuity's opening ceremonies, and then head over to the State Theatre to see Troika Ranch at 8pm!

“Walking on Other Worlds” is an innovative video production using dance choreography and green screen technology to showcase NASA Glenn's "floating treadmill." Treadmill simulators like the enhanced Zero Gravity Locomotion Simulator (eZLS) can mimic different gravitational environments, and are used by NASA's Human Research Program and the Cleveland Clinic in studies to understand how astronauts may exercise more effectively in space. In collaboration with NASA Glenn's Imaging Technology Center, choreographer Sarah Morrison transforms the eZLS into an opportunity to "Walk on Other Worlds" with original music composed by Jim Bonney.



Cleveland's festival of art & technology

MorrisonDance and NASA team up again!

W.O.W. Video presentations will be held in the Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio

Thursday, July 19th: 7:15pm*

Friday, July 20: 5pm & 9pm

Saturday, July 21: 1pm, 3:30pm*, 6pm, & 8:30pm

Sunday, July 22: 12pm, 5pm, & 7:30pm

*Includes video presentation and a chance to hear from the creators and research team. Find out what it feels like to “Walk on Other Worlds!,” the technology behind the eZLS, and the challenges of choreographing for zero-G!

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* Online at www.playhousesquare.org or www.tickets.com

* In person at the State Theatre Ticket Office, 1519 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH

* Purchase by phone from Playhouse Square: 216.771.8403


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The photos featured on this page were taken by Quentin Schwinn of NASA.

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