The City is Our Playground

Every summer, MorrisonDance hits the streets in our series “The City is Our Playground.” Using a combination of choreography from our latest theatrical productions and interactive improvisations, our performers bring the art of dance to street level through “choreovising!” Our choreovisations are designed so that traveling audience members can choose the length of their viewing, like a painting or sculpture in a gallery, making it feel as though you are walking through the streets of Europe without leaving town!

I have always thought Cleveland was the sort of town that would never accept the creativity, craziness, and the gutsiness it takes to put yourself out there and make such a statement… The dancers gave strangers a reason to feel connected and that is always cool in my book.

Amy T. New York, NY (Unsolicited Yelp Review)

Planning an event? Our dancers can enhance your festival or party!