Nontraditional Venues

MorrisonDance uses an interactive performance technique that we call “choreovisation” to breathe life into unique spaces through the medium of dance. Whether the space is a museum, a NASA Icing Research Tunnel, a nature center, or a vertical stage, MorrisonDance delights in integrating the medium of dance into the architecture and purpose of the alternative venue. Making our first site-specific splash with “Erie Sirens” at Edgewater Park beach (Cleveland, OH) in 1998, MorrisonDance continues to activate spaces through immersive work. A bit more formal than our spontaneous program “The City Is Our Playground,” our site-specific work involves deep research into the location, developmental rehearsals on site, where artistic choices can be guided by the surroundings.

MorrisonDance has a “responsive methodology and ability to work collaboratively with a community to create relevant and meaningful movement and performance

Megan Reich, director of MOCA Cleveland

Do you have a unique space that would come alive with dance?